Sunday, November 25, 2012

Sense of the Other and Paris du Nuit


Nubia was one of my travel companions for most of this trip. She isn’t a student at the University of Denver, but accompanied us as the best friend of Kat Ferguson. Kat Ferguson was the program’s coordinator. Her presence was desired, so Kat would have a travel companion not easily ten years younger than herself. Nubia and Kat met during high school, and have kept in touch ever since. Nubia was a first generation Daniel’s Fund Scholar, and received her degrees in Engineering from the University of Miami, “UM”. Now she works for General Electric, and her company is responsible for the illumination of Tower Bridge, in London, for the 2012 Olympics.

Many may not agree with me when I say that Nubia was a breath of fresh air on this trip, but her presence made my experience abroad much more enjoyable. I’m not just saying that because she supplied me with anti-nausea medication for all those bus rides either. (This woman must have been a girl scout!) Admittedly, she can be incredibly bossy, if only for our own benefit, she only wants us to get where were going on time. One can’t turn that off if they wanted; Nubia has been doing it since she was little. She has had lots of practice with her large family of many siblings and cousins. Lastly, her interest in foreign signage can be entertaining all by itself. (That’s what engineers pay attention to.)


First and foremost Leah is a writer, and secondly I find her to be a traveler. Everything about her reflects that path in their entirety. She loves books, and one of her favorite places in Paris is the Shakespeare and Company bookstore. Leah especially loves the rare and antique book section, and it was here that I learned of her love of Gertrude Stein. Who is “never straight forward,” according to a prancing Leah weaving between the graves of Piere-Lachaise.

Leah is also a traveler. She was the only one who used a backpack as luggage, and came across as well traveled. Leah especially has an affinity toward Turkey, where she studied abroad, and would readily spout random tidbits about Turkish culture. In London, she introduced the whole class to Turkish food.

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